The bouzouki instrumentals

“The bouzouki instrumentals” is the series that includes most of the instrumental compositions that were written by the bouzouki masters  since 1930. They form a particularly interesting module of Greek folk music also regarding its study, given that they have always been among its main teaching material.

Each issue includes instrumentals taken from a certain period and begins with the first instrumental ever recorded ” To minore tou teke” by Giannis Halkias that was released in Greece around 1930. Following this rule in the books, it is possible to make a point regarding the evolution of bouzouki from one period to the next.

The accurate writing of the pieces in notes based on the original first recordings also accompanied by staves and technical instructions, is a valuable tool for all students who are interested in learning them. It is worth to say that in the sheets, the taximis are written in full detail (free improvisational parts) and are played along with many of the instrumentals