Vangelis Trigas is a highly qualified bouzouki tutor. He has made a long and deep research on bouzouki in order to form an integrated technique which has concluded to a complete and well established study method. This method is organized in the way all methods of classical instruments are and includes all the particular elements that identify a folk instrument like bouzouki . He uses international music notation (staves) and according to him that is an inseparable element for an integrated study method. It helps students to approach music in a different, more essential way and especially in this case bouzouki. Apart from the deep theoretical and technical knowledge the students gain through his lessons, Vangelis Trigas also aims to promote the classical and pure sound of bouzouki.

Private lessons on three-string and four-string Bouzouki

Vangelis Trigas gives private lessons on three-string and four-string bouzouki for all levels (beginners-intermediate, high level). The students follow a special course of study, adjusted to each case and the course is included in the 5 issue Method for three-string and four- string bouzouki.

Online Bouzouki Lessons (SKYPE)

Vangelis Trigas in 2004 was the first to begin online bouzouki lessons worldwide. Since he was the first tutor on the web he is now very experienced and effective in teaching through online platforms. During the lessons, he teaches, examines students and sends material (music sheets-recordings) and thus makes the each lesson very effective

Bouzouki Seminars

Since 2000 Vangelis Trigas started giving bouzouki seminars in Greece and abroad in order to spread his knowledge and the basic techniques that players are not familiar with regarding the traditional or folk instruments, in this case, bouzouki.

The seminars are organized by music schools, conservatories or other organizations and groups. They can be addressed to all levels or to form a master class. The duration of the seminars is three hours and is divided to three sections:


a) The course of bouzouki from 1930 until today

This part is a flashback to the recent history of bouzouki since 1933 that it was first recorded in Greece until now. A special reference is made on the styles that bouzouki was played in each period and decade, on the factors that determined its evolution, such as the virtuosos- its relation to the folk song- social factors of each period- influences from music worldwide and from instruments from other countries- its place in the artistic folk music- its position in modern Greek folk music etc

During the seminars, Vangelis Trigas plays characteristic instrumentals of each period, accompanied by a piano.

b) Reference to basic bouzouki technique

In this part of the seminar, Vangelis Trigas refers to  basic bouzouki techniques and gives examples. These technique principles are not related only to bouzouki (three-string, four string) but to all strings close to bouzouki (lute, mandolin, oud, sage etc)

c) Discussion and answers to the questions of the attendants

The attendants may make questions and  discuss  any issue related to bouzouki   


Bouzouki seminars for bouzouki tutors

The seminars that are addressed to bouzouki teachers focus on the most suitable and effective study course. Vangelis Trigas has included his course of study in the five -issue Methods for three-string and four-string bouzouki.   In the seminars, apart from the remarks that are related to the course of study, special attention is paid to the teaching method in order for the students to have the maximum result and to gain steady and fast knowledge.



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